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Ken-students These days many young people need to do something meaningful in their lives. They want to enrich their lives with all kinds of meaningful experiences. For instance, some of them wish to get an assignment to be a volunteer for the worldwide humanitarian mission and to serve others less fortunate.  

One talented young man that came to our attention was Mr.Kensantoso. He was born and grew up in Hong Kong. He is concerned about environment issues that surround us and are constantly changing. His knowledge that being a part of  global citizens, he wants to contribute something useful to the worldwide community to make this world a better place.

pantiasuhanIn May 2008, he took part in the International Humanity Foundation (IHF) missions as a volunteer to help the rebuilding of Aceh after the tsunami disaster. He taught English classes for a few months for the orphans and underprivileged children in Aceh, Medan, Solo at the Panti Asuhan Gunungan Surakarta. Apart from Indonesia, he was also a humanitarian volunteer for China. His motivation became an inspiration to many people; and has made us see what is truly important in life.
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On 10 December 2014 he visited Lepbesis .The following on the article was written by Mr. Kensantoso about his experiences during the visit Lepbesis . We are very appreciate his support.
Knowledge ::  Hope
by Kensantoso
KenSingkawang in West Kalimatan of Indonesia is a place with which I have a special connection. It is my mother's hometown. It just feels like home whenever I hear the widely spoken Hakka language, or see the great food and the wonderful people there.

I have heard from my mother since I was a child how hard life was in Sedau in the southern part of Singkawang where she was born and raised. Even though life has since improved, it remains a place which lacks attention, opportunities, and hope.

studentsIn Sedau, many children cannot finish their school education due to the inability to pay their fees. Rather they would look for any opportunity to work either in other parts of the country, or outside of Indonesia, as early as possible in order to survive and support the family.
To many children, school is simply not the first priority, but an opportunity to work is. They do not realise or accept the fact that knowledge is power, and with knowledge, there is hope.
Thanks to Lepbesis, I have had the opportunity to contribute to the Sedau community by giving donations to a group of needy students since 2008

This is a truly meaningful cause, not only because of the donations which help these students with their school-related expenses, but also the attention, care and support which aim to inspire and encourage them.
As a donor, I do hope that the children and their families understand the importance of education, and strive to continue with their studies for a brighter future.

I also hope that one day they will have the ability to contribute back to the community, just like what Lepbesis and its donors have been doing for them over the years.
And for those who would like to contribute to this community, no matter where you are, I would strongly urge you to do so.

by Ken
15 December 2014, Indonesia

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