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With your support, in making a difference

Torsina Junior High SchoolTorsina Junior High School students who received ScholarshipsWith your support Lepbesis is able to provide opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. We've introduced a scholarship program for junior and senior high school students, carefully planned to focus on assisting students in financial hardship. For instance, when students are experiencing difficulties in paying their school fees, we can assist them in paying a partial amount. We are able to give them a better opportunity to excel in their intellectual development, and encourage their desire to study.

The future is looking more positive than ever. We are moving forward
into the future with new initiatives that extend educational opportunities for those most in need.
Torsina Senior High School Principial,Mr SumarnoMr Lie shakes hands with Mr Sumarno

We believe that the power of education is able to transform their future, creating a positive impact on their lives. Having a better education will lead to more job opportunities and a wider choice of jobs, as a result will have the capacity to expand career development. By sponsoring them, your support and will help motivate them to achieve their fullest potential academically

Lepbesis is working side-by-side with our sponsors to provide the scholarships. We are delighted that our sponsors share our same conviction to make a significant contribution. The big effort from IPC Melbourne and members of their congregation, Mrs P.Muliawan, Mr Kensantoso and Mrs.Chen Yu  for making this possible. Without your support we would never have been able to bring this dream to reality.

SMK Mudita SingkawangMr Sumarno is the principal of Torsina Senior High School. He is very grateful that this scholarship program will assist students who are in financial difficulties, potentially lowering drop outs and increasing candidates who are able to make a future and positive contributions to society. He has encouraged and expects students who receive a scholarship to study harder to achieve their dreams.

On 28 August 2010, the staffs of Lepbesis visited Torsina Senior High School. Mr. Mr.Lie Khin Dju, the chief of Lepbesis, he had motivated students who have the capacity and willingness to learn at higher levels should not be afraid of any financial limitations. “Sometime help comes in many different shapes and forms. It may come from someone you know or you may not know. But one thing for sure; they come here to support and give a genuine opportunity to you”, said Mr.Lie to the students.

                                                                                                                        Exchanging documents between Lepbesis  and SMK Mudita

Torsina Senior High SchoolScholarship recipients-Torsina Senior High School Students

Mr.Lie took the opportunity to congratulate those who received scholarships and wished them every success in their studies.

Thirty students from Torsina Junior High School had received scholarships, with 14 students coming from senior grade.10 students from Barito( Mudita) Senior High School also had received scholarships.

On August 2010, IPC Melbourne had sponsor more students;

    16 primary school students

    25 junior high school students

    22 senior high school students


      Mrs.P.Muliawan had sponsor;

     6 primary school students

     4 junior high school students


Mr Alfin the principal of Torsina Junior High SchoolMr Alfin, the principal of Junior High School. He received a list of recipients

     Mr. Kensantoso had sponsor;

     2 senior high school students


     Mrs Chen Yu had sponsor;

     1 junior high school student


We would like to thank all our sponsors for their generosity, and hope that you continue to support us by assisting the growth of Lepbesis. Your support is crucial; it will make a real difference for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They can take advantage of such assistance to pursue their dreams. You not only give them a scholarship but you give them hope and a chance that may change their life. We truly appreciate your continued support .

In classroomThe student received  scholarships
 Mudita High School students and Staff LepbesisThe students at Mudita High School received scholarship
The Scholarship recipientsLepbesis visited students
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