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A Fabulous Day


Every year we celebrate Christmas. For this year we are trying to make the Christmas celebration more meaningful, maybe to bring the spirit of Christmas perhaps even more enjoyable for the children of Lepbesis.

We spent a couple days preparing Christmas gifts, and some entertainment to cheer them on this special occasion.

Since last night it had been a rainy day. It was pouring, the sun never shone. However this doesn’t prevent children coming to church. They were well dressed, excited and happy.

The GKKB Church of Kopisan had just finished renovations a few months ago. This church is providing services to local farming communities in this village. Inside the church was a decorated Christmas tree, Christmas lights and beautiful ornaments. Everything    looked great!


Mr Ganda Setia Kurnia who is a sponsor and a Board of Director of Lepbesis. He flew from Jakarta to Singkawang to attend this celebration. As a businessman, he has a full schedule and a busy life. Yet he provided time to share on this special occasion with children of Lepbesis.

In his Christmas message he delivered on the subject of courage and motivation to keep them on the spirit of learning, to continue to pursue their dreams. “Without dreams you never get success because you need a dream to motivate you to be successful in your life”, Mr Ganda reminded them. Mr Ganda learned a lot from his own childhood life, he was raised up in an ordinary family, not from a rich and famous family. He believed that he got successful in his own life and achieved it through years of study and hard work.


Kids were watching their show, dancing and singing Christmas songs on the stage.

As a Christmas gift, children got two packages of stationery and books. They had a lovely lunch together. “This is a fabulous day we have”, said the kids.

We believed that this celebration wouldn’t have delivered such a success as expected if it wasn’t for the support and donations from our sponsors, our friends of Lepbesis, the GKKB church Kopisan and community of Kopisan..

 We would like take this opportunity say a special thank you to:


-Mr Ganda Setia Kurnia for his motivation message, and for co-ordinating transport of packages of stationery and books.

- Filadelfia Church in Sydney for  donating 390 packages of stationery and books.

-Friends of Ms Novi Tan in Pontianak for donating stationery and books, textbooks.

-Mrs Merry( Novi's mum ) for co-ordinating books and stationery in Pontianak.

- Mr Fuidy Luckman. for  donating entertainment

-Mr Lio Kurniawan and Mr.Nusantio Setiadi for donating the lunch

- Mr Harris Halim Putra for his donation of soft drinks

- GKKB church Kopisan and community of Kopisan..

- And last but not least all the friends for their help and support behind the scenes for this fabulous event.

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