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Christmas Celebration 2010

On Monday 27 December, 2010  LEPBESIS had their Christmas Celebration held at Torsina High School, Sakkok Singkawang.

The children were well dressed, bright and excited to attend the Christmas Celebration. They were enthusiastic about this celebration. Most of them had never had the chance to celebrate Christmas.

celebration consists of three parts; spiritual activity, lunch, handing out of scholarships.
The Christmas
sermon was “Christmas Gift" on the loving relationship between Christ and children delivered by Rev. Mr. Alfin Bong, and the Christmas entertainment delivered by students of Torsina High school.

The children enjoyed lunch together, LEPBESIS
provided 450 boxed lunches, 300 boxed lunches donated by Mr.Hon.

A gathering on special occasion as Christmas can
enrich their spiritual lives and to give a good impression to develop their social life skill. 

Christmas Celebration
2010 could not have been possible without your generous support; donations, assistance and cooperation. Your support to LEPBESIS is important in making real difference to these students and our community.

would like to thank our sponsors, volunteers and friends who give generously of the time and their valued contribution to helping make this event becoming a reality.

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