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Amazing Celebration

Natal BersamaFor the Christmas 2011 celebrations, we had spent three months in preparing the children for their performances in the show. This involves training children how to do act, sing, dance and play a drama. This was not an easy task; as we recognise every child has different talents and passions.

During the early phases of the program they lacked confidence can show their performance. We did a lot of practice to help them develop their confidence and to make sure that each child understood each role is important. They are very enthusiastic about doing the exercises because they believe that the only way to develop their confidence.

The Christmas celebration was held at the church of GKKB Singkawang on 29 December 2011. The children invited their neighbours’ friend to attend this celebration. They had a new opportunity to present their performance. They are engaged in performances on stage; singing and dancing, and to perform a drama. With their enthusiasm, colourful costumes, energetic performance it attracted spectators to help make this event  more successful.

show time

"The Most Beautiful Gift" is the theme of the Christmas message delivered by Rev.Mr. Alfin Bong. Life is a wonderful gift from God. This message gives encouragement to us to respect life.

The children enjoyed lunch together with their neighbors’ friend in the church hall. We also contributed a scholarship fund to them. From the children’s point of view this celebration gave them more confidence and experiences, another fun.

It took tremendous efforts and thorough preparations to make sure everything was in order to prove this celebration could be successful.

Natal Bersama

Your support is very important, to help give children more opportunities, to learn new talents for them to grow and prosper. We would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us to make this event possible.                                                      

Special thanks to  Mrs Pui Moi Lan for her contribution of the beautiful costumes for the children's performances, to the church GKKB Singkawang for generously providing us with the use of  their facilities. Also a big thank to the church IPC Melbourne, Mrs Patricia Muliawan, Mr Ganda Setia Kurnia , and Mrs Lie Chen Yu for lunch donation.


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