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Your Commitments Change Their Lives

To give something to someone who needs it, is a wonderful thing to do. For instance, to give a donation for a child’s education. This is one of the most important and valuable things you can give. Your donations are going to change the lives of many children.

We believe that students grow as a talented generation needs to be given the encouragement, support, motivation, guidance and discipline that are part of social development skills. We have been careful to develop programs to meet the student’s specific needs. This program is focussed on personal development that will enhance them spiritually, and to improve their interpersonal communication skills and practices, intellectually, and morally. By learning these skills will help them to discover their strengths, improve them, to create strategies, and to use them to achieve desired goals. This program involves teaching of Christian faith; of spreading the word of God. We work together with Pastor Alfin Bong to achieve those goals.


The students were divided into groups; each group must attend a personal development class. They were excited about the lesson. They feel this program is helpful and beneficial, because they can learn something new that will help open up their minds to observe new ideas, and to keep them focused on achieving their vision of success.

Your commitment to continue to give support for Lepbesis offers  more scholarships for disadvantaged students. We are grateful for your extraordinary generosity in order to make this world a better educational opportunity for those who need it most.

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