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About The Fund
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Lembaga Pengelola Beasiswa Sedau (LEPBESIS) otherwise known as The Sedau Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to providing scholarships to children who are living below the poverty line at Kampong Sedau. Kampong Sedau contains nine villages with a population of 24000, of which 90% are of Chinese ethnic origin.  It is part of the regency of South Singkawang in West Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia.


There are more than 2000 children in Kampong Sedau living below the poverty line. A lot of them are subjected to sub-standard living conditions, whereby they are forced to live in dirt-floor huts. The walls are made of bamboo, palm leaves and other poor quality materials. These dwellings provide no protection against harsh weather conditions or intruders. They also contain no electricity and running water.


As things stand now, many children are expected to drop out of school. Some are even quitting during their primary (elementary) school years due to the inability to pay their fees. It is very likely these children will grow up facing an uncertain future. 


At LEPBESIS, we are quite concerned about this self-perpetuating state of affairs. This is why we have begun a scholarship program for children in primary school who cannot continue their studies due to financial difficulties. We are currently looking for sympathetic donors who wish to sponsor a child through to the end of primary school. We accept cash or money order (Western Union) donations of any amount. Our purpose at LEPBESIS is to ensure that as many children as possible finish primary school, so that they can attain a level of basic education in order to function in their everyday lives.


We appreciate any donations gratefully, and by your contribution, you may help a young child from Kampong Sedau reach their full academic potential. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact LEPBESIS at Sedau@Sedau.org

Email Singkawang Jakarta Sydney

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